Fleet Administration
When it comes to choosing your fleet management partner, you want a leader with the experience and expertise to handle the many complexities. You want easy to use tools that provide rich data and insights. Mostly, you want reassurance that your fleet will run well on a day-to-day basis without you getting bogged down with the details. With PTL, you get exactly all this...and so much more.
The PTL advantage
With hundreds of tasks necessary to keep vehicles on the road, drivers productive and costs under control the danger of details being missed is a real one. With PTL as a partner, you can rely on us to efficiently handle the day-to-day challenges, freeing your fleet office to focus on strategic issues rather than transactions.
Designed specifically for you.
Account Executive
  • An extension of your fleet office — answers questions, conducts research
  • Works with PTL operations personnel to advance your needs
Programs and Services
  • All PTL products are designed to provide maximum value with minimal involvement from you
Regulatory & Compliance
Staying compliant helps keep your vehicles on the road. PTL keeps abreast with trends and changes in the industry to help ensure that you are always compliant. Our aim is to keep you on the road and keep you compliant.
Title & Registration
Our proactive approach keeps your drivers legal. Our business is to ensure that your vehicles are always legal. Our method helps to ensure that you don’t spend your time tracking your fleets renewals and your let us keep you on the road.
On-The-Road Essentials
Drivers need to stay on the road to ensure your business goals are met. Vehicle repairs, fuel management and safety compliance are vital to those goals. We believe that we are best placed to make your decisions easy to use and cost effective
Create a safety-conscious driving culture with reduced accident costs. Implementing a fleet safety program is a crucial first step in preventing accidents and promoting a safety-conscious driving culture. Unsafe driving practices lead to high accidents and vehicle downtime. This has adverse financial implications on your business. We implement fleet safety programs to help you mitigate these risks and run a cost effective fleet.
Custom Fit to Your Fleet
Our program is structured to be custom designed to your specifications. We help develop a program that is ideal for you:
Safety Training
With our safety training we tailor programs to your fleet needs so that we address problems that face your fleet as and when they arise.
Driver Performance Assessment
By combining multiple points of driver data to calculate one overall driver score, this service helps you evaluate risk and take action on driver performance.
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